Welcome back to Term 4.

A warm welcome back to school for Term 4. It is great to see all of the children here plus a few new children at school. We have started with the Life Education Bus today, which is always highlight for the children. Please keep an eye out for events such as the Athletics on Tuesday next week and various other activities described in the newsletter. Wishing you a great term.

Tip For Parents

Give your child every opportunity to read to you daily. Ten minutes of reading five times a week = 50 minutes of reading time a week.

If you did this for a minimum of 35 weeks a year we have your child engaging in text for 29 hours extra every year! That 29 hours helps your child read better because they do more miles, are exposed to many words, and importantly are exposed to many ideas through the text.

It is a win - win for all concerned!

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