Kapa Haka 2015

Kapa Haka is underway for the new year. We welcome Bernadine as the kapa haka tutor for 2015 and hopefully beyond.

Bernadine is living in Ashburton and has done so for some time. She has a good amount of experience in kapa haka tutoring, with some of her groups placing in the top three in competitions. Welcome to Netherby, Bernadine - we look forward to working with you.

Swimming Sports splashes down

The Ashburton Community Pool will hold our Swimming Sports with Chertsey and Fairton School. All are welcome to spectate and support our swimmers from 9.00am.

See you there!

Home & School Group

Thank you to everyone who attended our last meeting. It was good to see some new parents. Our next meeting is our Annual Meeting on Tuesday 10 March at 2pm. Please come along and hear all about what we achieved last year - you'll be amazed!

Chocolate bars - We are hoping every family will offer to sell one box of 30 bars. Each bar sells for $1.00. A notice seeking permission for the box to come home will be sent out shortly. Please support this fundraiser.

Head Lice - Check your children

Our old nasty friend is amongst us again unfortunately. Please check your child's hair for head lice and treat them to prevent infestation and the spreading of lice.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Health website.

New student welcome

It is with pleasure that we greet and welcome our new children and their families to Netherby School. In Room 6 we welcome Olivia Mitchell and Jakayla Williams, and in Room 3 we welcome Alexander Fangaiuiha.

Tip For Parents

Give your child every opportunity to read to you daily. Ten minutes of reading five times a week = 50 minutes of reading time a week.

If you did this for a minimum of 35 weeks a year we have your child engaging in text for 29 hours extra every year! That 29 hours helps your child read better because they do more miles, are exposed to many words, and importantly are exposed to many ideas through the text.

It is a win - win for all concerned!

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