Whānau Hui and Māori Community Consultation 3.15 Tuesday 29 August

Our next Whānau Hui meeting is to be held on Tuesday 29th August in the staffroom at 3.15pm.  We currently have very low attendance at Whānau Hui meetings which is a shame as these termly meetings are designed to encourage and foster partnership with iwi and hapu.  It would be grand if you were able to attend to support in directing the school with improving outcomes for Māori students through a Māori lens. An email will be sent out to all families who identify as Māori as well.


Skool Loop Instructions

 Kia ora Netherby School Community. Please down load the Skool Loop applications that we will be using more and more to communicate with you. Remember to subscribe to Ashburton Netherby School, the Whole School Group and the classes your child/ren are in. Also select Kapa Haka and Pasifika if your child belongs to these two groups as well.


Children coming in 2024 are welcome. Please let us know so we can plan for it.

 Kia ora Netherby School Community.

Although we are still in 2023, we need to start planning for 2024 now to ensure we have teachers in the right places for our expected roll.
It is always very helpful if you let Mrs Duffell in the office or Miss Stirnger in Room 7 know if you have a child coming to Netherby School in 2024 so we can plan for them.
Either just call or come in and catch up and collect an enrolment pack and give your child’s details so we can place them on our roll projectile.
As always, if you know of people in our enrolment zone, we ask for you to promote our school and encourage them to visit us as soon as convenient.
Kindest regards
Phil Wheeler


Kia ora koutou. Some great opportunities going at the Hakatere Marae. Just follow the links provided.

 Kia ora koutou. Some great opportunities going at the Hakatere Marae. Just follow the links provided.

Sunday August 27: Taonga Tākaro https://events.humanitix.com/taonga-takaro-yu51rnnb - Sofia Tuala - 1-4pm
Saturday September 2: Tukutuku Panels https://events.humanitix.com/tukutuku-panels-i7g0125u- Michelle Brett - 8.30am - 6pm
Saturday- Sunday Sept 9 & 10: Oamaru Stone Carving https://events.humanitix.com/oamaru-stone-carving-qfmkmpnk- Peter Green

Tip For Parents

Give your child every opportunity to read to you daily. Ten minutes of reading five times a week = 50 minutes of reading time a week.

If you did this for a minimum of 35 weeks a year we have your child engaging in text for 29 hours extra every year! That 29 hours helps your child read better because they do more miles, are exposed to many words, and importantly are exposed to many ideas through the text.

It is a win - win for all concerned!

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