Start Day for Ashburton Netherby School

Kia ora.

Ashburton Netherby School will open on the 1st February 2016.  We look forward to seeing you all then.  Have a great Christmas break and New Year.

From the teaching team at Netherby.

School Pet Day

Mrs McCully has been kindly organising a Pet Day for our school.  You should have a notice at home already that explains the day in its entirety. If not, ask your child, it is likely deep down in the bottom of their bag. It should be a great day, and thanks to Mrs McCully for going that extra mile to organise something like this so your children can experience it.  It all adds to the rich broad learning experiences we aim to give your children. Remember, you do not need a living pet to participate.  All of this is explained in the notice.  We look forward to the Pet Day afternoon on Thursday 29 October.  

Physical Education Assessment

In Term 3 we looked at physical education as an area of in-depth assessment to see how we are achieving. It does not come as a surprise to me that our children are generally achieving very well in the area of physical education.  We have a great programme in place at our school, and this is certainly paying dividends in our children’s locomotor, co-ordination and sports skills development.  In summary 90%+ of the school achieved at or above the specific learning outcomes derived from the New Zealand Curriculum.  The assessment criteria in concise terms were;
1.     Movement and the language of movement
2.     Safety in sports
3.     Demonstrating movement on bars and different types of movement
4.     Varying body position and transferring skills into other sports and physical activity

The full assessment is available from me if you would like to look at it.  You’re most welcome.

Athletics with Fairton and Chertsey

As most of you know we had our school athletics day with Chertsey and Fairton on Wednesday. The children for Counties Athletics will be selected from this meeting, with Miss Sloan and Mrs Oakley looking at the qualification standards and making decisions based on those standards.  A big thank you to both Miss Sloan and Mrs Oakley who organised such a fantastic Athletics Day.  It literally ran like clock work.  Also, well done to the Netherby children who behaved with such wonderful manners.  I know as a teaching staff we were all very proud of your perfect manners and behaviour.  You did yourselves proud, and us proud too.  The Home & School was super organised feeding the masses of people.  Again, behind the scenes the Home & School was a well-oiled machine cooking, sorting and organising food and drinks.  Also a great big thank you to Fairton and Chertsey for coming to our school to support what truly is a fun day for all three participating schools. Also cheers to the parents who came and supported the day. We really like your presence and appreciate the support you give our school.  You’re welcome here all of the time remember.

Educational Tip for the Week

The following tip is in light of a Nation Wide issue and an issue, which is having a negative impact on our childrens schooling. We know Winter is here, and the mornings are cold and dark. But we really need all children at school on time, before 8.45 am, so they can get organised and be ready for tuition at 8.55 am. Late children disrupt the class so much as they need to be instructed on what is happening, they need to unpack, which all takes away teaching time and learning involvement from them and the other children. We encourage you to be ready and have your children prepared to leave home at 8.20-8.30 am so they will be here on time. As a partnership between home and school, to give your child the best education, please have your children at school in the gate before 8.45 am. Thanking you. 

Pedestrian Crossings and Crossing the Road

I am pleased to be able to say most children are walking sensibly from the school gate to the pedestrian crossing and across the pedestrian crossing.  Remember we enforce a no ride zone from the pedestrian crossing to the school gate from 3pm to prevent accidents and injury.  A no ride zone means children are expected for the purposes of respect and safety to push their bikes or scooters from the school gate to the zebra crossing.

Recently a few children ran out in front of a car and were nearly bowled.  It is for this reason I ask please ensure your children know how to cross a road safely, or better still cross them yourself, or cross them at a pedestrian crossing.  We do our part here through teaching road safety, but need the safe practice reiterated at home.  If your child needs to cross the road away from a pedestrian choose a place with good visibility first, look right, look left, look right and if there is no traffic cross by walking promptly across the road.  

Mathletics Payment

Please make an effort to pay the Mathletics fee for 2015. This resource is a wonderful way to engage your child in one of the core subjects at home and at school.

There is evidence of a 9 – 27% increase in maths results when children engage in Mathletics! This is well worth every penny. The real truth is, nobody gets good at anything unless they practice it.

Please see Mrs Hunt to make your payment.

Duffy Books

Kids at Home

At the end of the term we celebrate Kids at Home Duffy Books and the children who have little brothers and sisters at home who have had a birthday in January-April get to choose a special book for them as a gift. Can you please let us know if you have any young children at home so we can add their names to our programme.

A note will be sent home soon inviting you and your Pre-school child/children to come and receive their book.

Two Duffy Books

The two Duffy books chosen by your children will be arriving at school at the end of the term and will be given out in our Assembly on Thursday 2 April at 2.30pm. These books will be great holiday reading for your children.

Ashburton Library Visit

We all had a great time at the Library on Monday 2 March and the children enjoyed getting books out on the Teacher’s cards. Sadly, only a very small percentage of children have their own cards so there are enrolment forms available at school and of course you can go to the Library and enrol.

What a very good holiday activity that would be and what fun it is to share books with your children and talk about the stories you have read.

Home & School Group

The chocolates are on their way!

As soon as they arrive we will give them out to all the families who have returned the Permission slip. If you have not done so already please return your permission slip for this fundraiser.

After our recent AGM we have welcomed a couple of new people onto the Committee. Sarah Bartlett and Larissa Sluys. Sarah has come on board as our new Secretary.

We are looking for someone to come on board as Co-Convener alongside Nicola Walker. Sara Binnie is taking over the Treasurer role with the assistance of Marie Casey.

We have some big Fundraising events coming up so we will be looking for people to help out at the Street Sprints (Mother’s Day weekend) and making and selling cheese rolls. Please keep an eye out for these and help out when you can.

Thanks From the Home and School Team.

T-Ball Results: Week 4 and 5

Week 4:

Netherby versus Wakanui: Lost 29 - 15
POD Kymani Kururangi

Week 5:

Rained off!

Well done to all of the players who are learning and playing in a sports team. And a big thanks to the coaches who are ensuring our players play hard, but play fair.

Duffy Caught Being Good Awards

The following children have been awarded a Duffy Caught Being Good Award:

  • Kadugli
  • Jaedyn
  • Tamara
  • Olivia
  • Juzmin
  • Mereani
  • Taymah
  • Cody
  • Kymani
  • Temperance
  • Kowhai
  • Crystal.
Well done all of you.

Enjoy those Duffy books, they are like gold and great for your education.

Quality Work

The following students have been involved in achieving quality school learning with a lot of Netherby Pride and Effort. They have all shared this with me (Mr.Wheeler) recently:

  • Wendy x 2
  • James
  • Brooke x 2
  • Fipe
  • Hunter
  • Ruby
  • Henahsea
  • Devon
  • Kymani
  • Robin x 2
  • Jaykob
  • Bella
  • Liyana
  • Jaedyn
  • Alexander
  • Tereise
  • Zanjoe x 2
  • Cory
  • Taymah
  • Ashley
  • Siaosi
  • Honey R
  • Amanda
  • Beaver
  • Maddison
  • Juzmin
  • Kowhai
Great job. I am so pleased to be able to see so many examples of great learning each week. Please keep up the great learning and I look forward to seeing you again to receive a Pride Token and Principal’s sticker.

Parent Teacher Calendar App

We are currently trialling a Parent Teacher Calendar App for a year at Netherby School. The aim is for important dates to be recorded on this calendar that involve both school and parents so you are aware of dates etc.

If you scan the correct picture below, it will take you to the place to download the application for the calendar.

To get the scanner, you may need to go into Playstore, and search Neoreader, then download and install it. Once you have the Neoreader Icon you can open it and scan the code.


Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L)

Keeping in line with our goal to explore specific behavioural aspects from our Values Matrix we as a school have been focussing on the following for Week 5 and 6 of Term 1.

  • Take home and return notices
  • Get a drink and go to the toilet during breaks
Our value we have focused on in Week 5 and 6 of Term 1 has been:

Responsibility - Kawenga

  • Follow instructions
  • Be prepared for your learning
  • Complete your learning independently
Room 3 will be sharing their thoughts about Responsibility – Kawenga at Friday’s assembly at 9 am. All welcome.

Our next focus will be Integrity - Ngaakau commencing Week 7 of Term 1. If families are able to discuss and reinforce our school PRIDE values at home, it is much appreciated.

T-Ball Rained Off

Netherby Nomads' game against Hampstead last Saturday was postponed due to wet weather, so all that remains is for the Nomads to play their last game of the season next Saturday against Allenton Blue Jays.

Well done to all the players for their fine efforts this season and a big thank you to the coach for showing how to play the game fairly and competitively.

Wall of Pride

We continue with the Wall of Pride in 2015. And the first child to get their photo taken for the Wall of Pride in 2015 is Ruby from Room 6. This is very impressive as Ruby is new to our school, but clearly she exercises the PRIDE Values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diligence and Excellence. Second to achieve the Wall of Pride is Meagan Binnie and third Liyana Rodriguez.

This year we also promised a special prize for children who managed to get on the Wall of Pride first in their class. At the moment the special prize is still available for Room 2, Room 5 and Room 4.

School Leaders

On behalf of the school I congratulate our elected School Leaders for 2015. Anna, Amanda, Jacob, Laurelle, Andreas, Parixit, Fononga, Saitutuila and Matthew are the successful children. We also extend a thank you to the children who applied but did not get selected.

Our advice is try again in 2016, as the selection was very close and difficult to make. Even though you were not selected this time, many of you were very close.

The selection process was very rigorous with applicants needing to apply through a letter expressing how they would perform and act in the important role of School Leader. The children elected as School Leaders act as ambassadors for Netherby School, welcoming guests, leading by example and exercising those Pride Values explicitly.

3 Way Conferences

It was great to see so many parents come to school and engage in 3 way conferences. I am very pleased with the turnout and cannot express enough just how important conferences are for your child’s education and our partnership in educating your child.

Phil Wheeler

Swimming Sports a great success

Netherby School enjoyed competing against Fairton and Chertsey School in the swimming sports last week. There was some good parent support, and some serious swimming races.

The following children are congratulated for making it to the Counties Sports Championships:

Meagan Binnie
William Fifita
Anna Gray
Crystal Bentley

Crystal placed 3rd in one of her events, and Meagan place 2nd in two of her events. These are good achievements and we congratulate you all for getting there and double congratulations to those who placed.

Meagan is going to the Canterbury Championships to represent us! Best of luck Meagan, we are all behind you.

Target Children

With our current professional development and through Teacher Inquiry, teachers are expected to have target groups of children in 2015. If your child has been selected as part of a target group this is a good and positive thing.

We do ask for you to fill in any questionnaire in a timely manner and support your child with any homework, or through attending meetings to help teachers gather information to help your child learn better.

This year children will be part of reading, writing and maths targets. The teacher inquiry means teacher’s and staff inquire into their practice and your child’s learning needs to find the best ways in which to teach your child. That is a good thing and certainly is beneficial to your child, and teacher’s teaching practice.

Tip For Parents

Give your child every opportunity to read to you daily. Ten minutes of reading five times a week = 50 minutes of reading time a week.

If you did this for a minimum of 35 weeks a year we have your child engaging in text for 29 hours extra every year! That 29 hours helps your child read better because they do more miles, are exposed to many words, and importantly are exposed to many ideas through the text.

It is a win - win for all concerned!

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