Whanau Afternoon – Every Wednesday (14 September) on Week 8 from 2 – 3 pm Termly

All parents are welcome into our school to support and help with the important job of educating our children at anytime. We do also understand people are busy working etc. But from now on once a term on the Wednesday 14 September of Week 8 from 2 – 3pm we are having a special time to really encourage as many parents as possible to get into our school and into their child’s class and help out, get involved and be part of the learning environment.  So mark this date on you calendar. We look forward to seeing you at this time.  

Reading Together - 3rd Meeting

Reading Together

We look forward to our third Reading Together Workshop in the library on Wednesday 31st August at 3.20. All are welcome to come. Just show up if you are interested.  We have targeted the junior area of the school, but actually EVERYONE is invited. See you there!

Whanau Group Inaugural Hui

Whanau group inaugural meeting day is set for Monday 12 September at 3.15 in the library.  All welcome.  A text will be sent out a week or so before to remind all of those community members who put their name forward to be on the Whanau Group.  

Free Te Reo Māori Classes at Hakatere Marae

Free Te Reo Maori Classes for Parents and Children

Basic te reo is now being taught by Kath on Mondays at the Hakatere Marae from 7 until 8.30pm every fortnight, next class is 5 September.  These classes are generally for adults at level 1. All welcome, just go along and see if it is for you.

Tip For Parents

Give your child every opportunity to read to you daily. Ten minutes of reading five times a week = 50 minutes of reading time a week.

If you did this for a minimum of 35 weeks a year we have your child engaging in text for 29 hours extra every year! That 29 hours helps your child read better because they do more miles, are exposed to many words, and importantly are exposed to many ideas through the text.

It is a win - win for all concerned!

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