School closed on Thursday 16 March due to the strike.

A note to remind you that Netherby School will be closed on Thursday 16 March for the whole day through industrial action to strike along with most other primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand.  We do not make these decisions lightly and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Teachers will meet at the corners of West and Wills St (by the duckpond of the Botanical Gardens) from 10.30am and invite any community members to join us.

Cancelled Community Invite 2 - 3pm Wednesday 15 March.

The Community Class Invite is cancelled from 2 - 3 pm on Wednesday 15th March. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience, but that date has clashed with other dates that need to take priority. Kind regards.


Strike Action Thursday 16th March 2023

Kia ora Netherby School Community. 

Our tamariki need a quality education. And we want to give that to them.

Unfortunately, the funding for our schools is not enough for us to give us the time we would like to support all our kids to thrive.  

We need to attract and retain educators by ensuring that teaching is a valued and attractive profession.

Principals and teachers in primary and area schools have considered at length offers from the government to settle our respective collective agreements.

The offers did not meet our expectations, nor make sufficient steps towards the changes we need for our children to succeed.

You may have seen that we voted to take industrial action on 16 March.

It’s the last thing we wanted to do. And the decision was not taken lightly.

We felt that this was the only way the government would listen and recognise that when they support our children to learn and succeed, we are supporting whānau and communities to thrive.

We look forward to another great year in 2023 – and together with your support, building the case for better investment in our tamariki. 


Hauora Whanau Day




Tip For Parents

Give your child every opportunity to read to you daily. Ten minutes of reading five times a week = 50 minutes of reading time a week.

If you did this for a minimum of 35 weeks a year we have your child engaging in text for 29 hours extra every year! That 29 hours helps your child read better because they do more miles, are exposed to many words, and importantly are exposed to many ideas through the text.

It is a win - win for all concerned!

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