On Tuesday, March 10, 2015 by Chris O in
We're pleased to say most children are walking sensibly from the school gate to the pedestrian crossing and across the pedestrian crossing. Remember we enforce a no ride zone from the pedestrian crossing to the school gate from 3pm to prevent accidents and injury.

A no ride zone means children are expected for the purposes of respect and safety to push their bikes or scooters from the school gate to the zebra crossing. Recently a few children ran out in front of a car and were nearly bowled. It is for this reason I ask please ensure your children know how to cross a road safely, or better still cross them yourself, or cross them at a pedestrian crossing.

We do our part here through teaching road safety, but need the safe practice reiterated at home. If your child needs to cross the road away from a pedestrian crossing choose a place with good visibility first, look right, look left, look right and if there is no traffic cross by walking promptly across the road.