Life long learners:

We believe it is important that our students develop the attributes to thrive in what will be a constantly changing world. We encourage risk taking while fostering the skills of managing self. We promote children to be thinkers, problem solvers and users of information to solve issues to improve their own and others' lives.

Learning is engaging, varied, relevant, broad, rich and fun:

We believe it is important that our classroom lessons have:
  • Variety
  • Cater to learning styles
  • Have an authentic purpose
  • Connect on a deeper level through recognising and drawing upon personal experience and cultural backgrounds
  • Are child centred while drawing upon the benefits of both personal inquiry and discovery coupled with solid guided teaching principles
  • High expectations 
  • Draw upon community input, ideas and expertise
  • Weave through and develop key competencies and values 
  • Foster the notion of creating life long learners
  • Provide additional tuition to develop language for English as a second language learners
We believe it is vitally important that our students and parents feel our school is a safe and caring learning community that embraces and fosters strong family and community input.

We expect children to do their best:

We believe it is very important that our students come to the realisation that it is their responsibility to do their personal best in whatever they undertake.

School Vision

Quality Teaching, Quality Learning

Mission Statement

Encourage all to aim high, do their best, be resilient, and have fun.

Values Statement

Caring, sharing and learning together.

We aligned everything we do in our school to our Shared Vision, Mission Statement, Values and Teaching Beliefs.